GPS Tracking Solutions

Do you want complete visibility of your fleet?

FleetLogix specialises in providing GPS tracking solutions to fleet operators across Australia. Our tracking system have helped keep Australia on track for over 20 years and are currently tracking some of the largest corporate fleets in Australia.

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Our Journey

How does FleetLogix GPS tracking work?



FleetLogix offers advanced telematics information, real-time GPS vehicle tracking, and fleet management services, tailor-made for your business. Our products address the challenges associated with optimising the reliability and efficiency of the modern fleet. We provide a complete range of reliable, robust and high-quality hardware, utilising GPS satellite positioning, and GSM cellular communication. Our web-based tracking system gives you total visibility and control over your vehicles and assets, providing real-time data from the tap of a button.

Smart E-Driver EWD Display

Simplified record keeping approved by the NHVR

FleetLogix has partnered up with leading tech providers Step Global, to release the Smart eDriver, an electronic work diary that is fully compliant and approved by the NHVR (National Heavy Vehicle Regulator). Gone are the days of traditional record keeping! By using the Smart eDriver EWD, your drivers can now log all of their hours on either their own phones, or on a fixed display in the vehicle, making it a breeze to store and retain historical data.


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Live Streaming Dashcam with Real-time GPS Tracking

Track your vehicle and view video footage from any device

FleetLogix's Live Streaming Dashcams and DVRs are a cost-effective solution specifically developed for remote video and onboard video surveillance. This allows you to access real-time video, historic video as well as live tracking. That's right, you can now stream through your phone, tablet, or computer!

The system is designed to be easy to use and powerful at the same time. You can also view the location of the vehicle in real-time as well as watch recorded footage from the 'Play Back' vault.


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Why FleetLogix?

Run a Safer Business

Proactive reporting and alerts that maximise safety

Proactive Reporting & Alerts

Improved Communication

Fleet management software ensuring the job gets done

Vehicle Tracking

Improved Bottom Line

Run your fleet efficiently, eliminating idle-time and saving costs

Fleet Optimisation